Find the Best WMS

Will Y3PL system work for our company? That’s the most common question we have been asked. In this post, we will discuss some of the important factors you probably want to think about before deciding on purchasing a warehouse management software whether you are running a 3PL business or your own warehouse.

Business Size

The size of business decides the amount of data your staff will be capturing during day to day operation. Like many other warehouse management systems, Y3PL software automates a lot of data entry tasks by E-Commerce integration, web service and automated rules. Y3PL also provides unlimited users and accounts for your users and customer users so that your customers can enter their own inventories, customers, vendors and orders.
Y3PL cloud based software is designed for small to medium sized warehouses. If your warehouse processes a few hundred orders a day, Y3PL is the perfect solution for you. On the other hand, if you are running a warehouse that processes thousands orders a day, you probably should look at some soft hosted software with an on premise server(s). With a business that size, Y3PL software may not be the best option for you even if we can still handle the amount of data.
At Y3PL, the first question we usually ask is your warehouse size and order volume. Once we understand your business size and requirements, we provide an honest recommendation to you whether Y3PL is a good option for your business. In general, if your warehouse is over 60K square foot with more than 500 orders a day, we provide you a recommendation of an alternative. Our experts have been working in the 3PL industry for a long time and our team members have experienced almost all the 3PL software.


Cost is probably the most important factor you’ll be thinking about. There are on premise systems which will cost you over $100,000 and there are cheaper options such as Y3PL warehouse management system which will only cost you a few hundred a month. We recommend you start with the cheaper options before committing a large capital expense. Most of time, you will get the same features for your warehouse from a cheaper system.
At Y3PL, we offer you a month free trial and we also offer you trial extensions if required. We will not charge you anything before you are sure Y3PL software can fulfill all your warehouse and operation requirements.

Data Accuracy

We recommend you asking your operation team how much data your warehouse will be entering before making a purchase decision. The amount of data needed is the key factor determining how will you use the software and how efficient your warehouse will be. Y3PL software provides you many options in capturing your data. If you want your operations to be as detailed as possible, Y3PL lets you track every move in the warehouse. On the other hand, if your warehouse just wants to get the work done as fast as possible, Y3PL lets fulfill orders in a click.
For example, inventory accuracy is usually the most important aspect in a 3PL warehouse. In controlling inventory accuracy, Y3PL gives you the option from simply tracking quantity received and shipped to tracking unit movement by license plates. With the first option, your warehouse will be just clicking a button when receiving or shipping orders, which is the minimum amount of data entry. On the other hand, using license plates will require a lot of data entries. In return, you will get much better inventory accuracy and operation control.