Keep Your 3PL Software Simple

Is your warehouse management system simple enough? Let’s take a moment and talk about this. The fact that most of your warehouse operators are not computer genius sometimes results in employee frustrations, shipping errors, and inventory discrepancies.

Think about how long does it take to load an order, how many navigations needed to fulfill an order, how many characters your warehouse staff need to type in order to fulfill an order. These small factors can play a big role in your operation efficiency. How about how often your warehouse staff see an error? How many people in your organization understand what is a status code of 500? Or an error says “database integrity constraint violation”?

Keeping your 3PL software simply is one of the key factor that determines how efficient your warehouse could be. How often your staff ask these questions?

  • How do I...
  • Why is this not working ???
  • I stopped picking because there's an error
  • The system asks me to enter...

If your management team receives these questions often, maybe it’s time to think about switching a simpler system. After all, you are running a warehouse, not a computer science 101 school.

What about the simplicity of your software cost? We’ve seen some very complicated cost structures. There is base cost, add-on module cost, shopping cart integration cost, add-on packages cost, premium customer care cost and even bandwidth cost. This is seriously insane and directly impacting your bottom line.

As E-Commerce becomes the primary source of 3PL customers, most of 3PL software still charges set up fees, connection fees and even additional monthly fees per shopping cart. How difficult it is to integrate with Shopify? Most of the time, you built once and it will just work with very minimum maintenance. So to add an additional Shopify store, it’s just a matter of entering another set of API credentials. This is the answer to the question – add an additional Shopify store is like signing into Gmail with another account! So why is your 3PL software or WMS still charging your hundreds of dollars to add another Shopify store?

At Y3PL Software, we keep everything simple – our software and our cost.

By design, most of your warehouse operations can be done by a click in our 3PL software. “It’s like using Gmail” is how we want our users to experience. Our pricing is even simpler because you are only paying one price. That’s it. There’s no add-ons, “premium supports” or “modules”. All features are available at one price, and all features that will be added are included in the price as well.