Introducing Our New Version

With all the hard work in the past 4 months, our new version has just been release. We've added a lot of exciting new features to the new version. Let's have a quick look at what's new.


  • New integration with Magento V2 is added
  • Removed Dropbox integration. It does not mean you cannot store files anymore. We are giving you storage for free *

3PL Billing

  • Automatically capture carrier shipping charges from ShipStation
  • Automatically bill customer by daily storage locations with different rates
  • Automatically bill customer by daily cubic meter storage

Excel Import

  • Import license plate with locations via Excel
  • Import inventory count result via Excel
  • Import serial numbers via Excel


  • Back dated inventory report
  • Inventory count sheet
  • Inventory report with lot number
  • Unlicensed inventory investigation report
  • Shipment report

Android App

  • New design
  • Upload photos directly from your phone


  • In system support system allows you to search questions or submit a ticket

We will keep adding more features to the new version from your feedback. Have questions? Go to our contact page and send us a message.

* Free for the first 100G. $15.00 / TB / Month After