TradeGecko and Y3PL Integration

We are glad to announce that Y3PL warehouse management software is now integrated with TradeGecko

If you haven't heard about TradeGecko, it's a fantastic inventory and order management system for wholesalers and retailers. During our development, we had the opportunity to try TradeGecko and we really loved it. With it's growing popularity, we think your clients will one day ask you if your 3PL system could integration with TradeGecko to fulfill their orders. With Y3PL warehouse management system, you can tell them YES!

Import Orders By Locations

TradeGecko supports multiple warehouse locations. With Y3PL integration, you could only import orders that are marked as shipping from your warehouse location. Y3PL will simply ignore shipments that are not fulfilled by you. 

Import Fulfillments, not Orders

Your clients can keep back orders or anything they want to, Y3PL system will only import new fulfillment shipments. When a new fulfillment is created in TradeGecko, Y3PL will import it into your Y3PL automatically. There's no data entry required. In addition, Y3PL will process the order to warehouse if products are available. Of course, this is optional, completely up to you.

Update TradeGecko

So the fulfillment is pulled into your Y3PL from a client's TradeGecko account, and your warehouse has picked, packed and shipped the order. What happens next? Do you or your client need to do any data entry work? The answer is NO. Y3PL will update the TradeGecko account, mark the shipment as fulfilled, enter tracking number and even tracking URL. There's nothing for both you or your client to enter manually.

Want More? 

How about sending an email to the customer once an order is shipped. That's right, your client does not even need to open the shipment in TradeGecko and click on the big email button. Y3PL will send an email to the customer.

More Features in Development

We believe Y3PL software and TradeGecko will work perfectly to cover both your client and your 3PL business. So we never stop improving. Do you a new feature in mind? Submit a ticket and we will discuss it with you. Remember, at Y3PL team, we add features for free!