1. Schedule a demo with us

Let us show you Y3PL Warehouse Management System in a demo session.

  1. Setting up clients
  2. Create vendors and products
  3. Create vendor orders and go through the receiving process, including license plates, lot control, serial numbers
  4. Setting up locations and product putaway
  5. Create customers and customer orders
  6. Ship customer orders and the warehouse process
  7. 3PL Billing and reports
  8. Integrations
  9. Q & A
  10. Learn your requirements and provide suggestions

2. Receive your 1 month Y3PL trial

We'll provide you full access to a new server with a fresh install of Y3PL WMS. No credit cards, no commitment required. By the end of the trial, we will set up your account.
If you need more time to test Y3PL, we are perfectly OK with that too.

3. Get your production server

We'll help you to point your domain to the server, setting up all other services needed. No credit card needed until your production server is fully set up and running.
We may also be able to help you migrate your existing clients data to the new system *.

4. Grow your business with Y3PL

Your business is growing, and we are happy for you! Y3PL has only one price plan, and that's how much you are paying no matter how many clients you have, how many users you have or how many integrations you need. Most E-Commerce integrations are free and available out of box.
With our commitment to customer support, your tickets will always be replied within 1 hour **. We also provide free feature development if your ideas benefit other Y3PL customers.

* Depending on your data, we may or may not be able to migrate your existing data
** During regular business hours