Introducing Photon: The Next Version

We introduce a major change to our software about every two years so that your Y3PL system is always using the newest technologies as well as following the changes in the 3PL and warehousing industry.

The next new version will be released early 2018, with the following major changes. Don't worry, it will not affect any of your existing data and files. You'll just get a better experience without interrupting your day to day operations. 

  • Photon includes all previous features
  • Photon will be using React for front end development.
  • Photon will be implementing oauth 2.0 for API access, while the old authentication system will still be supported.
  • Photon will be including in app integration with TradeGecko, Amazon S3, Shopify and WooCommerce. Contracting to use Y3PL E-commerce Connector.
  • Photon Android app will also be rewritten to follow the newest technology.
  • Many other improvements to streamline your business and operations.

Do you have something in mind? Let us know and we may include them in the next version.