The coming new version 1.3

It is almost time of the year when we start planning on the next major release. We want to thank all our customers for their suggestions and feedbacks since version 1.2 released. We have the following changes and new features to be introduced in the next release so far. Do you have a suggestion? Send us a message from our contact page and we'll try out best to include your idea in the next release.

New UI

We are crafting a complete new UI. At this moment, we are considering 2 popular UI framework: Semantic UI or Material Design. The new UI will probably be based on one of these 2 framework.


The next version will support multiple languages. 

Web Hook

We are making our API even stronger by introducing web hooks in the next version. 

Kitting and Assembly

We are introducing a new kitting feature in the next version. With this new feature, you can group your inventory items into a kit for shipping and receiving.

Operation Control

The next version will come with more controls over operations. Don't want your staff to randomly fulfill orders without license plate numbers? Not a problem. 

Inventory Billing Categories

The next version will come with a new feature allows you to set up billing rules by different inventory categories. Each category can have many different inventory items.

UOM Measurement

The next version will add the ability to set your own UOM measurement preference. You can use either imperial or metric system in your own Y3PL system.

Other improvements

  • Ability to set ship date and cancel date of orders uploaded via Excel
  • Ability to search PO and reference number in inbound and outbound shipping
  • Ability to specify lot and expiration to ship when placing a new order
  • Ability to add lot and expiration date on picking tickets

Release Date

The next version is still in the planning stage. We expect to start the development in September and release the new version by early December.